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Jul 052012
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Everyone has heard the occasional story about a wheeled baby walker accidentally tumbling down the stairs. I know it happened in my extended family when someone left a basement door open. The continued manufacturing of traditional baby walkers is constantly being called into question. The Juppy is a baby walker that eliminates these accidents and possible trips to the emergency room!

The Juppy is a fabric full coverage support structure to help your baby with those first steps. Unlike wheeled baby walkers, The Juppy requires parental assistance and is safer since baby is with you at all times.

The Juppy baby walker comes in blue, pink, and black. It has an inner lining of flannel and sturdy canvas outer. It zips up the back and rides high on the chest to keep baby secure. (Black Juppy is unlined.)

It has strong straps with high quality plastic clips for easy adjustment and getting baby in and out.

Instead of bending over and straining your back to holds your baby’s hands, the Juppy allows you to stand straight and use the straps to hold your baby upright.

We actually do have a wheeled baby walker in our home that my kids used  since we only have one floor. However, my daughter is very thin so the Juppy certainly fits her better. She loves standing up and working out her legs!

I am generally not a fan of having a ton of baby gear. It is bulky and much of it is not used for long and difficult to store. The Juppy is small and easily washed and stored, so I have no qualms about saving and storing it for each new baby!

The Juppy is:

One size
All cotton
Durable straps
Fun and safe for baby!
Easy on parent’s back!

Each Juppy baby walker comes with a drawstring sateen carrying pouch which can fit into your purse, diaper bag or stroller. I like bringing it to the park so I can keep my daughter entertained on the sidelines while my son plays in the splash pool.

(The Juppy is not to be used as a baby carrier.)


*I received this item free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  17 Responses to “Juppy Baby Walker Review”

  1. Just want to say I think this is a very clever idea & I am sure my great-grandson would find it helpful while learning to walk.

  2. I really like that it’s a bit more interactive been the baby and the parent. With a walker you can kind of put a baby in there and be done with it. But with this you need to get involved, which I like.

  3. I love that I wont break my back teaching my grand babies towalk 🙂 I have been trying to win one of these for ever!!!

  4. I like that the Juppy Baby Walker will teaches your baby balance and builds confidence while never having to worry about accidents or injuries that are associated with traditional baby walkers.

  5. I like that it’s washable.

  6. I like that the Juppy is one size and washable!

  7. I like that it’s washable. They can get so dirty it would be nice to just be able to throw it in the washer.

  8. What a neat item! I love the simplicity of it!

  9. I like that I won’t have to be bent over for long periods of time helping my little one walk.

  10. Love that is washable and comes in a choice of colors and its so good for the baby.

  11. Love that its machine washable and much easier to use with a baby that just wants to walk around all day!

  12. I like that it’s washable.

  13. I know so many people who love their jumpies. I love that this one is washable!

  14. I like that it is washable

  15. I love that you can help your child learn to walk without breaking your back and possibly injuring little arms that aren’t strong enough yet. What a wonderful idea!

  16. I like this idea! My LO loves to stretch and strengthen her legs and this is as great way to help her do it!

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