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Jul 192012
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Jiggs of Maine is a new cloth diaper brand offering cute, affordable pocket diapers. They are located near Belfast, Maine and the brand was created to offer families quality cloth diapers for a small budget.

The Just Add Cloth family has tried out A LOT of cloth diapers. (The name might give it away.) So, I was glad to review a  Jiggs diaper when the opportunity arose. I am always pleased by more cloth diaper brands appearing on the scene because more brands and retailers means more exposure. Every bit helps in our quest to make cloth diapering main stream once again!

The Jigg of Maine pocket diapers are one size, fitting approximately 8-35 pounds. Because of the crossover snaps and four rows of rise snaps, they size down to a very small diaper.

I have no doubt that on its smallest settings, it would fit an eight pound baby. Perhaps even smaller. If you undo the rise snaps and snap the hip tabs on the loosest setting, these diapers are quite large. My 28 pound 2.5 year old has plenty of room to grow in these, so I would not be surprised if they could potentially fit up to 40 pounds!

The inner lining of the Jigg cloth diapers is a soft microsuede which keeps baby’s skin feeling dry and makes the leg gussets nice and soft. Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. The lining at the back of the diaper has elastic just like the shell. I love this feature since it helps keep the inserts where they belong and offers double protection against blowouts up the back.

The outer shell is a silky polyurethane laminate with four rows of rise snaps and crossover tabs for maximum adjustability. Hip snaps on each tab help prevent the dreaded ‘wing droop’ which is unattractive and affects the diaper’s function. I love the fourth row of rise snaps. Having that extra row is great for young, small babies; It places the waist on an appropriate part of the torso instead of up around the chest!

Here is my 2.5 year old in the Jiggs diaper. He is 28 pounds and 33 inches tall in this picture. He still has another rise level available and several columns of snaps available in the waist. My son is on the smaller side, so he could wear this diaper long after his potty training years.

However, the Jiggs of Maine cloth diaper sizes down nicely and also fits my six month old well. In this picture, she is about 5.5 months old and 13 pounds. It fits great and still could be sized down significantly for a newborn.

There is no gaping in the legs at all, but the diaper is still snug enough to prevent blowouts.

Overall, I really like the Jiggs of Maine cloth diaper. It is simple, but still has all of the features I prefer. The two microfiber inserts are very trim. I used both since they seem thin and was skeptical about them absorbing much, but they did just fine. The inserts together lasted a few hours on each of my children, and my kids are definitely heavy wetters. The Jiggs diapers are wider through the crotch with allows for adding a lot of inserts if you want to use it for overnight. I added a pad folded flat to the inserts for trying this diaper all night and it was easy to stuff. I would definitely  recommend them for people with large hands or those who like over-stuffing their night time diapers!

Jiggs of Maine cloth diapers are currently unavailable.


*I received a sample diaper for reviewing purposes and was not otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

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