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Jun 122012
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When I was pregnant with Wyn, a lovely cloth diapering friend sent me a package she ordered from Cotton Babies containing a few Bumgenius Newborn All In Ones. I had never tried Bumgenius before, despite them being a huge brand in the cloth diaper world. I also do not have much experience with all in ones, so it was a treat to see what the fuss was about. Bumgenius has discontinued this line of AIOs except for the extra small size which they now call the Newborn All In One.

The Bumgenius Newborn AIO is supposed to fit babies running 6-12 lbs. It comes in aplix only and it is all one piece with no extra pocket for adding extra absorbency like the former larger sizes in this line. The aplix can crossover, so it really does fit at six pounds.

The waist can expand fairly wide to reach the top of its weight listed.

The Newborn AIO has PUL on the outer layer for a waterproof barrier.

The inner shell is micro suede and the soaker is sewn in between the layers, so there is no stuffing, snapping, or folding of any kind.

The aplix tabs can affix to a laundry tab located on the back inside of the diaper.

The leg gussets are softly encased within the micro suede.

I used this diaper for four months before writing my thoughts because I wanted to see if it really did work up to 12 pounds like it claimed.

Here is my daughter at eight pounds.

Here she is at 10 pounds.

And again at 12 pounds.

As you can see, it does fit the prescribed weight limit!

This is a very trim diaper. Below you can see the leg line of a one size cloth diaper and how much better a Bumgenius Newborn fits. (Poor baby had her shots that day!)

Overall, I really liked these. They were great for the first six weeks when one size cloth diapers just do not fit well yet. I also liked them for my mother since they go on just like a disposable. While they do fit up to 12 pounds, they won’t last long on a baby that size since they really only hold a newborn amount of urine. I would say they ideally work for the first month before a baby begins eating more and urinating quite a bit. One thing I loved was the gussets. We never experienced a single blowout with these diapers and the gussets did not leave any red marks either. The aplix was convenient, but it also snagged the outside of the PUL causing a bunch of unattractive pilling. It didn’t alter the function at all though. The laundry tabs are really strong and never came undone, which is nice. Like most all in ones, they took a while to dry since all of the layers are sewn together. I just placed them on my radiator and when the heat was on, they only took about 90 minutes to dry. I imagine they would not take too long on a clothesline in the sun.

The micro suede did not stain at all, and they are still in great shape for the next baby. Cotton babies sells these for only around $10.00, so a newborn stash of Bumgenius Newborn All In Ones isn’t too expensive if you take care of them and use them on multiple children.

*I already owned this item and this review is not connected to or affiliated with Cotton babies or Bumgenius.


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