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May 232012
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This review and giveaway is part of the Incredimoms blogging team for Incredibum!

Incredibum is a newer cloth diaper and accessories brand that hit the market this past Fall. Their products include cloth diapers, wipes, wet bags, and inserts.  Their new line of cloth diapers feature one size diapers with easy snap-in bamboo cotton blend inserts and TPU lined water proof shells. The shells are lined with soft microfleece. Each diaper has two snap-in inserts in a regular size and newborn size for adjustable absorbancy.

Incredibum sent me one of their cloth diapers to try out!

These diapers are one size with a snap down rise and waist snaps for adjusting. The crossover tabs give a snug fit for the newborn phase and the crossover matches on each side, so you can overlap whichever side you like.

Incredibum diapers unsnap to a generous size for toddlers. The hip snaps have two cinch snaps for adjustment when your baby is small. If you look closely below, there is elastic in both the back and the front. the front elastic is great for tummy sleepers in my opinion!

Incredibums have two rows of rise snaps. They snap down well for small babies. Having two rise rows and three rise settings mean they generally fit low rise on a toddler. Since the inserts snap in, the snaps go all the way through the diaper. The outer layer is made of water proof TPU. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) is simply the film used in many PULs. It can be more sensitive to heat, so it is not recommended to dry these types of diapers on high heat. I don’t use high heat for any of my diapers though.

The inside lining is microfleece. Microfleece provides a stay-dry feeling and soft casings around the elastic. The inserts snap to the snaps located over the fleece lining.

Each Incredibum diaper comes with two snap-in inserts made of a bamboo cotton blend. Since each diaper has two locations of snaps inside the diaper, and the inserts can even snap to each other, there are several combinations you can try to put the absorbancy where you need it.

You can use one insert snapped in the front or back, or you can snap one in front and one in back and have them overlap each other.

You can also snap them on top of each other in the front or back and fold the excess of the long insert wherever you need the most absorbency. I love the versatility of the insert configuration. It works great for me since I have a toddler boy and a four month old girl and they each need absorbency in very different places. This diaper can actually work well for both of them.

Here is my son at 26 months and 27 pounds on the middle rise setting and one of the more snug waist settings. Based on how Incredibum diapers fit him, I would guess they could go to 35 pounds depending on your child’s body composition.

It fits great on him and doesn’t gap anywhere, which is often a problem for him being on the skinny side.

Because of the crossover tabs, it also fits well on my 12 pound four month old. This picture is on the smallest settings and it is a little too snug. I imagine it would start fitting well at around nine pounds.

It does not gap on her thin thighs, which is pretty rare in a one size diaper, even at this size.

Overall, I really like Incredibum cloth diapers. They are reasonably priced at only around $16.95 and I find them to be very versatile. I love being able to reconfigure the inserts in so many ways. My four month old has recently decided she only wants to sleep on her tummy. She rolls over immediately when I lay her down. This diaper is working better than most of my other cloth diapers right now because it has elastic in the front. Not only does front elastic help with tummy sleeper leaks, but it works well to prevent blowouts from coming up and out the front. Front blowouts are sometimes an issue for us in the car seat and stroller due to pressure being on her rear and forcing the poop upward. I like keeping this diaper in the stroller and wouldn’t mind a few more!

I received one review item for this article and did not receive additional compensation. All opinions are my own.

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