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May 102012
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Rockin’ Green is known for their laundry detergent formulated to rinse easily and work well with any fabrics, specifically cloth diapers. They carry three standard formulas, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Soft Rock for regular, hard, or soft water. They also have Funk Rock which is supposed to help fight ammonia build up.  They sent me samples of Earth Wind & Orchids, Rage Against the Raspberry, and Bare Naked Babies to try out for a review!

First off, I must admit I did try Rockin’ Green years ago when it first came out. Back then they only had one type and it came in a cloth drawstring bag. I was using an awful coin-op washing machine and not having much luck with any detergents due to not having any rinse or pre-wash options. Since then, Rockin’ Green has reformulated their detergent and also created different types for different water variances. Plus, they have a bunch of cool scents to chose from.

Rockin’ Green is phosphate free and Earth friendly as far as detergents go. it is low sudsing and rinses out easily making it a good choice for washing cloth diapers.

Ingredients: sodium carbonate , sodium percarbonate, natural chelating agents, sodium sulfate, biodegradable surfactants, natural fragrance oils (if scented is chosen).

If you have buildup in your diapers you can “rock a soak” by letting your diapers vacation in some Rockin’ Green and water for an hour or more. Just don’t let them sit for days or your diapers will probably delaminate.

Even though my area should have regular water and require just Classic Rock, my city has pretty hard water. There is no denying the hard mineral deposits around my sink and in the crock-pot I use as a bottle warmer. I decided hard rock was the way to go.


I have a full capacity top loader and used two tablespoons of Rockin’ Green in a medium sized load. I started with Bare Naked Babies which is the unscented version.

Since it does not have sodium laurel sulphate, this detergent does not foam up very much. If you are used to your regular detergent from the grocery, it may feel like you didn’t use enough. Don’t worry. It isn’t supposed to have a ton of suds. That is part of the easy rinsing bonus. I try not to use too much water for the first wash cycle or else it dilutes the detergent too much and it won’t work well.

My wash routine is:

Pre-rinse on warm.

Hot wash with detergent.

Warm Rinse.

Hot wash without detergent.

Warm rinse.

The longest wash cycle available on my machine is only 14 minutes, which is why I do a second hot wash. I find things do not get clean without this routine, no matter what detergent I use.


My diapers came out of the dryer smelling just fine. I didn’t seem to have any issues with my diapers beyond the strong smelling overnight diaper. I used this detergent for six washes over the course of two weeks and it got all of the cloth diapers (even microfiber) clean except for one time. That one time involved an epic diaper from my son after I let him eat peanuts and it basically contaminated the rest of the diapers. I really should have let them soak that time.

On my last load with Rockin’ Green detergent, someone pulled the diapers out before their second hot wash and warm rinse. They went into the dryer after just a 14 minute wash and one rinse. I expected to smell funky inserts and rewash, but instead everything smelled fine! I didn’t expect that since I have had some issues getting all of the detergent out with the liquid kind I have been trying lately. Also, the small bit of oils used for the scents rinse out and leave no scent behind.

I really do think Rockin’ Green can work for most people. My advice is to assume your water is slightly harder than you think. It is far better to have to add an extra rinse at the end, than to use a detergent that doesn’t clean enough because it used all of it’s capabilities softening your water first. And the Rage Against The Raspberry scent is yummy.


*I received a sample of this product fr review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I hope I win this.. It would be awesome!

  2. When/where do you post the winners? Do you just inform them via e-mail?

    • For winners on giceaways only hosted here, I will email the winner and post it here. I should have the Rockin’ Green and Baby Babu winners posted in Tuesday. 🙂

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