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May 062012
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One cloth diaper brand to recently hit the online cloth diaper market is Baby Babu! They opened up a new website for online ordering and asked me to review one of their pocket diapers!

Baby Babu was founded in Melbourne, Florida, by the parents of twin boys, who wanted to create a cloth diaper that was affordable and attainable world wide. They retail pocket diapers, diaper covers, inserts, wet bags, and biodegradable disposable diapers.

Their pocket diapers come in solids, prints, and minky and currently sell for only around $12.00. These pocket diapers are one size, include a microfiber insert, and fit approximately 8-35 pounds. They have a snap down rise allowing them to adjust down to a small size for a young infant.

They can then be unsnapped to give them a high rise and large waist for a toddler. The adjustable one size design allows you to use the same diaper all the way through potty training.

The adjustment snaps include two rows of rise snaps and five columns of waist snaps on each side. The tabs include a lower hip snap which helps avoid wing droop. The outer fabric is minky, a fuzzy synthetic fabric with a polyurethane laminate on one side to make it water proof.

The inside layer is micro suede which is synthetic and provides a stay dry effect. Moisture wicks through the micro suede and onto the insert leaving baby feeling dry. Instead of just one opening to stuff the insert, there is an opening in both the front and the back.  This way the insert can simply agitate out of the diaper on its own while in the washing machine. One thing I really think Baby Babu does better than other brands is how they designed the two openings. The front opening is small and stream lined. There is no extra fabric hanging over. Some brands make the opening extra wide and add an extra flap to ensure the insert can come out, but it is usually unnecessary. I also like that the back opening has elastic. The elastic allows you to stretch the opening larger for stuffing, but then it shrinks back down to a clean, snug opening which keeps the insert from shifting while on baby.

The inserts have a snap on one end which can snap in place on the front end inside. This helps prevent the insert from shifting on an active baby, and it sometimes even stays snapped in the wash, eliminating the great insert hunt when sorting and stuffing the pocket diapers.

Baby Babu pocket diapers have the double gusset feature. Double gussets create a sort of poop channel which helps prevent leaks or diaper explosions. Having two gussets is great for young babies with runny poop, or for those blow out worthy moments. I find the micro suede used in these diapers is a bit thicker, which makes the gussets sturdier and more effective.

This diaper is the minky Brown Abstract print. I used it on both my toddler and my almost four month old. Below is my 27 pound two year old. This diaper does not run as wide in the waist as some brands, but it would definitely fit to its listed weight limit. This is on the middle rise and there was another two columns of snaps to widen the waist. Also, this picture shows the diaper with two full sized inserts, so it could fit trimmer with just one insert.

It fits nice and snug in the thighs without being too tight. The leg casings are soft and did not leave any marks.

I like my diapers to fit rather low rise on my son, but it could adjust higher. It maintains its fit through nap time and playtime without shifting or getting droopy.

Below is the same diaper on my four month old who is about 12 pounds. I have it adjusted on the smallest settings. It actually fit perfect on the lowest rise and tightest waist snaps, so I would guess like most one size cloth diapers, these would start fitting better at around 10 pounds. This is also with two inserts, so it could definitely be trimmer with just one.

It fits nice and snug on the 12 pounder as well and we had no leaks. In fact, I used it on her overnight and it held up great for eight hours!

I actually really like these diapers. I love that the dual openings are very clean looking with small slits and no extra fabric. It makes the diaper easier to put on since I don’t have to try to keep a bunch of flaps or fabric still while fastening the diaper. The smaller openings also keep the diaper from flipping inside out in the wash, which is something that does happen with some other brands with dual ended openings. Some people may not like the narrow ends for stuffing if they have larger hands. My hands are narrow, but long and I had no trouble double stuffing these diapers. I also like that the micro suede is thicker than usual. This makes the diaper sturdier and helps prevent the moisture from wicking back out to the baby’s skin if the inserts get very saturated. Overall, Baby Babu cloth diapers are very high quality considering they are only $12.00.

The only thing I would change is maybe adding another row of rise snaps so that it can size down just a bit smaller. Although, that might just be a waste of effort since so many people don’t bother with one size diapers until around 10 pounds anyway.

Honestly, I probably would recommend Baby Babu for someone starting out. They are better quality than most budget cloth diapers, but won’t hurt your bank account.

*I received this item free for review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.


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