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Apr 232012
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A couple months ago I purchased two Thirsties Duo All-in-Ones in their size two for my two year old. I really love the Thirsties Duo Fitteds and Duo Wraps, so I wanted to try these out. I must say, I really like them for an all-in-one. The duo AIOs come in two sizes so they offer a better fit than typical one size cloth diapers. The size two fits approximately 18 to 40 pounds. It uses a snap down rise and the waist can adjust on snaps or aplix closures.


The outside is PUL with visible adjustments.

The inner layer is a stay-dry micro-fleece. The micro-fleece is so thin it is almost like micro-suede and is very trim. There is a microfiber soaker sewn in for absorbency.

Like their duo fitteds, the inside has a tunnel behind the sewn in soaker so you can add a doubler or extra insert for more absorbency.

Here is the Thirsties Duo AIO on my toddler. He is 27 pounds in this picture with the diaper on the smallest settings. As you can see, it is a bit small on this setting, but I wanted to show what the smallest setting looked like on his weight. I would normally use it on the middle rise setting for his size.

The duo AIO fits nice and snug around the legs and keeps any yuckies from escaping. The soft leg casings do not leave any marks as far as I can tell.

This diaper is very trim fitting! I find the Thirsties Duo AIO to run much smaller than their Duo Fitteds or their Duo Wraps. Although this one does run true to the weights listed in the sizing chart, so I think the other types run big. Because it is so trim with just a three layer soaker sewn in, I do need to either change after about an hour, or simply add an extra insert in the tunnel provided.

I normally am not an all-in-one person, but I like the look and convenience of these cloth diapers. I like to keep them in my stroller for long walks so that I have something easy to use for quick diaper changes.

UPDATE: It is now nearly SIX YEARS later and I still use these exact diapers. They worked well for my second and fourth children, who happen to be on the skinnier side.

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