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Apr 202012
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I’ll admit I am not perfect. As much as I would love the be the queen of green, sometimes a disposable diaper slips in. My main time for disposable use is at my mother’s house. However, my biggest reason for the default to disposable when out for a couple days, is silly. My wet bag cannot hold that many diapers and I don’t have a large enough stash. I always use cloth on my daughter when we are out and about because she has more diapers and more tendencies for blowouts. But, my son does not have very many diapers in his stash and since he is now two years old, I am not about to add more. However, neither of those reasons is an excuse. In order to improve my greenliness, I recently purchased another wet bag with a zipper. My second move is to purchase a dozen flats for when we are traveling. The few places I go for an overnight have really horrible washing machines and hard water, so flats seem the obvious choice since they are easy to clean. Although if money were no option, I have found fitteds with covers to be the best diaper combination out there for times when it is really important to have a leak proof system. Those times are overnight and while traveling, which is today’s topic for Real Diaper Week.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is on again for this year. Join parents and caregivers all over the world to set another record for most cloth diapers changed at the same time! The GCDC is Saturday, April 21. Find a location near you and take part in this fun event! In conjunction with the great Cloth Diaper Change is Real Diaper Week,  running from April 16 – 21, and the focus will be advocacy and education. The theme of the 2012 Real Diaper Week is “Real Simple. Real Diapers.”, and each day will center on certain educational topics. The theme for today for Real Diaper Week is using cloth for travel and overnight.


Overnight cloth diapering can be intimidating. And if you have ever dealt with a poop explosion, you know how easily it can hamper a fun day or restful night’s sleep. Newborns tend to have rather volatile bowel movements. They have young digestive systems and are prone to gas. Pair that with a liquid diet leading to nearly liquid poop and you are bound to see some explosive poo episodes.

I have suffered a few bad experiences with blowouts in disposables. The flimsy elastic just cannot always compete. But I also dealt with a few blowouts in pocket diapers as well. There is nothing wrong with pocket diapers. I love them, but sometimes I cannot get the fit quite right in the legs and some poo finds its way out. This past weekend we were at our car dealership getting a rundown of our new vehicle (yay!) and my daughter Wyn’s pocket diaper failed in a major way. It was a poor fit plus explosive poo situation that involved a ruined sleeper and a wet car seat. It’s been six months since I last dealt with a blowout and it was actually a disposable diaper and we were at a restaurant.

I learned my lesson and know to stick to foolproof methods. For me, that is fitteds with gusseted covers. A fitted cloth diaper has elastic leg casings and fits like a pocket diaper except it does not have a waterproof shell. When I pair a fitted with elasticized leg holes and cover/wrap with leg gussets, there is never a leak.


Not ever.

This is why fitteds and coves are my foolproof method for overnight and going out during that runny poop phase. I’ve tried several brands of fitteds, and no matter how much absorbency each had, solid waste never escaped. The diaper could be drenched, but blowouts just do not happen. The double protection of a fitted and cover keeps it all in the diaper every time. I have posted previously of my affection for Thirsties duo fitteds.

So in order to avoid an entire outfit change or overall public mess, I love fitteds for errands and long stroller rides. I can use them with confidence during a car ride, knowing they will not compression leak. And since they don’t defect for me, I like them for overnight too. At least for the first year. When it is 3:00 AM and I am up for a feeding and diaper change, the last thing I want, is to need to change the pajamas and sheets as well. Blowouts are a pain, but they are really unpleasant in the middle of the night. I don’t have that problem with fitteds. We generally don’t have urine leaks with them either. In fact many of my friends swear by fitteds with wool covers for a leak free overnight option when nothing else worked.

It can take a lot if trial and error to find your solution for certain cloth diapering situations. The trick is the keep an open mind and do not overlook any options. I initially thought fitteds and covers were silly since it seems more expensive than pockets or prefolds. But every cloth diaper type has its uses. Sometimes an item you scoffed at in the beginning is your perfect solution.


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  1. Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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