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Apr 272012
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I personally love their products. I have written before about my love for their Duo Fab Fitteds and I use their Duo Wraps on both of my kids. Check out some of my other posts with Thirsties products!

Thirsties is providing one of their new Duo All-in-Ones for a review and giveaway! I received the Warm Stripes Duo All-in-One in a size one with snap closures for a review.

The duo AIOs come in two sizes so they offer a better fit than typical one size cloth diapers. The size one fits about 6-18 pounds and the size two fits approximately 18-40 pounds. It uses a snap down rise and the waist can adjust on snaps or aplix closures depending on what you chose. Here is the size one Duo All In One on its smallest settings.

Here it is on the largest settings. Since it comes in two sizes instead of a one size option, there are two rows of rise snaps instead of three or four. This makes the diaper far less bulky on small infants compared to a typical one size option.

The inner layer is a stay-dry micro-fleece. The micro-fleece is thin and more  like micro-suede. There is a microfiber soaker sewn in for absorbency. The soaker stops over an inch from the front rim of the diaper, so there is very little chance of any compression leaking out the top for a tummy sleeper.

The outside is PUL with visible adjustments.

Like their duo fitteds, the inside has a tunnel behind the sewn in soaker so you can add a doubler or extra insert for more absorbency.

Here is the Thirsties Duo All In One on its smallest size settings on my 11 pound three month old. In this picture, I actually have the tunnel stuffed with a premie prefold, so it normally is not so snug. Since it fits her so well at 11 pounds, I imagine it might be a little big on a six pound baby. However, the leg gussets are really dependable, so I think it would work on a small newborn, but look large. My daughter is still wearing her Thirsties Duo Wraps in size one on the tightest setting and has been since birth, so this probably would have fit fine at eight pounds.

The duo AIO fits nice and snug around the legs and keeps any yuckies from escaping. The soft leg casings do not leave any marks as far as I can tell. It has not leaked out of the legs since the gussets have some space inside between the elastic casing and the soaker.

This diaper is very trim fitting. I find the Thirsties Duo AIO to run smaller than their Duo Fitteds or their Duo Wraps. Although this one does run true to the weights listed in the sizing chart, so I think the other types run big. I have tried the size one here on a young baby and also the size two on my toddler. Because it is so trim with just a three layer soaker sewn in, I do need to either change after about an hour, or simply add an extra insert in the tunnel provided. Since the crotch area is trim, it can be helpful to put a cloth wipe in the tunnel right in the “flood plain” or the center. This prevents any leaks between the legs for my kids.

I normally am not an all-in-one person, but I like the look and convenience of these cloth diapers. I like to keep them in my stroller for long walks so that I have something easy to use for quick diaper changes. They are also a no-brainer for family and babysitters. They wash up fairly easily, and do not take too much time to dry on my radiator. I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to my stash!

UPDATE: I still have this diaper nearly SIX YEARS later and it is still a fave!

*I received this item from Thirsties for reviewing purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.


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  7 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Review: Thirsties Duo All In One”

  1. I like my Thirsties Duo AIO too. It’s nice for playtime as-is, but I like how it has the tunnel for adding more absorbency for naptime.

  2. FWIW, they fit my 7 1/2 lb 21″ baby, but I have the aplix version and have to overlap them at the waist. But the duo AIO and duo diapers are by far my favorite and most reliable dipes on him, not a leak yet!

    • I imagine the aplix version offers a much more concise fit for the small babies, as does all aplix. I was normally not one for hook and loop, but I tried it for this baby, and it works well! I had some Thirsties AIO in the old style and the fit was pretty good.

  3. […] Thirsties sent me one of their new Duo All-in-Ones for a review and is providing one for a giveaway to one lucky reader!! I received the Warm Stripes Duo All-in-One in a size one with snap closures for a review. […]

  4. I ordered a few of these to use when my baby girl is born next month. My husband is excited to use them because they look so easy to use.

    • My husband likes them!. Then again, he likes anything already stuffed for him too. He tends to only shy away from prefolds and fitteds.

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