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Feb 132012
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One question many of us have about One Size Cloth Diapers is: Do they really fit at eight pounds?

Well, I have been trying out several one size pocket diapers on my daughter for the past three weeks and I can safely say that yes, many if not most one size cloth diapers CAN work on an 8-9 pound baby.

Here are 12 one size cloth diapers, each featured on my little one when she was between eight and nine pounds, up to three weeks old. Some were bulkier than others and gaped a little in the legs, but all of them functioned fine and did not leak.


Tiny Tush Elite 1.1


Buns Up Baby

Lotus Bumz

Goodmama (without soaker)

GoGreen Champ

Oh Katy


Glow Bug



So, I would say if you tend to have large babies, your one size cloth diapers can likely work in the first couple weeks of your newborn’s life. Some will obviously work better closer to 10 pounds, but all of these diapers managed to keep urine and poop where it belonged. Of course, these diapers might not have worked as well on my son as he was more explosive in that department.

The one size cloth diapers won’t fit under clothing as well and can make onesies difficult to snap. Not to mention, those tiny newborn sized diapers are oh so cute. My daughter is a month old now and still fits into her newborn stash. However, if you really want to skip a newborn stash and move on to one size cloth diapers right away, it MIGHT be possible with a large baby. Every baby is different and you won’t know until you try it.

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  1. Thanks for the picture review!!!! This is a great (informative!) post!!!!

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