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Feb 082012
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This Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 was my very first purchase for the new baby. I love this print! I love the way Tiny Tush Elite one size pocket diapers fit my 20 month old son, but I have never tried them out on a newborn before.

The Tiny Tush Elite 1.1 has four snap down rise rows and a single row of waist snaps. It is designed to fit babies 7-35 pounds or so, but it seems a little wide through the bottom for seven pounds. I have big babies, so I guess I wouldn’t know.

The inside lining is a polyester fleece that stays dry feeling against the skin and the pocket opening has a reverse flap so that poop doesn’t wedge itself under the flap.

The envelope opening prevents the microfiber inserts from sticking out at all and irritating baby’s skin.

I had some serious doubts about the Elites fitting my daughter and was pleasantly surprised. The diaper looks big on her at just over eight pounds, but the waist and legs didn’t gap at all.

This diaper would be bulky under pants, but it functioned just fine. We had no blowouts and the small insert provided absorbency for longer than even needed. The leg gussets fit surprisingly well for how wide the diaper is between the legs.

Each Tiny Tush Elite comes with two microfiber inserts. The inserts are generously sized and very plush. Tiny Tush are made in the USA. Some of the older inserts are made from imported microfiber, but you can upgrade to American made inserts when ordering on the Tiny Tush website. The Elite 1.1 retail for $19.95. Tiny Tush recently came out with the Elite 2.0 in lots of cute prints!

These diapers are very well made. Despite the single row of waist snaps and no hip snaps, I have never experienced wing droop with Tiny Tush Elites. The extra wide size between the legs, makes them a bit bulky on a small baby, but they are super easy to stuff. The width allows me to put quite a few inserts inside for overnight absorbency for my toddler. I like how the large insert is long so I can fold it where ever the baby needs more absorbency.

My toddler still has quite a bit of room in his Tiny Tush at 25 pounds, so I have no doubt they last through their size limit. I currently have two of the original Elites and one Elite 1.1 circulating in our cloth diaper stash and I really like them. Mr.JustAddCloth does too apparently, since he seems to reach for them quite often!

**I purchased this product myself. All Opinions are my own.

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  1. I am a huge Tiny Tush fan. I have 32 tiny tushes and they fit and clean up great. The customer service is excellent as well, they hand write on every order I have had. Great company even better USA product. If you like BG or FBZ these are of equal quality.

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