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Feb 102012
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My only Black Friday purchase was an Imagine pocket diaper from Nicki’s Diapers! I know, I know, I have too much restraint.

The Imagine One Size Pocket Diaper is a Nicki’s Diapers exclusive. I ordered a Raspberry color on Black Friday. Nicki’s Diapers currently has an introductory price of $9.95 on these pocket diapers, so they are a great deal. (Regular suggested price $13.95.) Nicki’s Diapers also carries other products in their exclusive Imagine Brand.

The Imagine One Size Pocket Diaper fits approximately 8-35 pounds. It has three rows of rise snaps and several rows of double waist snaps for wide adjustability.

The outside lining is a waterproof poly-urethane laminate and the inside is a soft no-pill fleece that acts as a stay-dry barrier between baby and the insert. The insert consists of four layers of microfiber and has snaps to adjust to the diaper’s rise.

I wish the slit in back for stuffing the insert had an overlap of some sort. It wanted to billow open, which could lead to the microfiber insert touching Baby’s skin. However, the opening is large and makes for easy stuffing. I love stuffing pocket diapers with flats, so this can be a plus.

I liked the snap on the insert, but I definitely need to remember to unsnap it for the dryer or it doesn’t dry well.

The Imagine One Size cloth diaper is fairly large.  It was rather bulky on a newborn, but mostly functioned. It unsnaps to a very high rise, so it would be a great diaper for boys and long-waisted babies.

The elastic is very stretchy, so it has a lot of give and is unlikely to leave marks on the waist or thighs.

The leg openings did gap a bit at first, but have started fitting better recently as my newborn’s thighs have chunked out a tiny bit.

The Imagine One Size Pocket Diaper is a basic pocket diaper and performs well. Like many one size pocket diapers, the only thing I would change is adding a fourth row of rise snaps and a crossover option at the waist to size it down a bit smaller. The aplix version probably has more waist flexibility. (Actually, the snap configuration on the Imagine is compatible with the GoGreen Adapt-A-Snap converter which gave me the ability to cinch the waist a bit more.) This diaper is available in both snaps and hook & loop. The available colors are bright and fun.

Overall, these pocket diapers are a great deal, especially at the introductory discount price.

**I purchased this diaper myself and was not compensated for this review in any form.

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  2 Responses to “Review: Imagine One Size Cloth Diaper”

  1. When your baby’s thighs were smaller and it would gap, did it leak alot? My baby is 10lbs with thinner thighs, and im afraid it will leak all over.

    • Yes, it does gap. I have not had any leaking problems so long as I have lots of stuffing inside, but it still gaps a bit even though my baby is now 15 pounds. It is partly my fault though since I use it as a night time diaper and end over stuff it. This is not my favorite diaper and I will be including it in my diaper updates near the end of the year.

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