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Feb 012012
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Hippeez Cloth Diapers is a mom owned and operated Canadian brand based in Brampton, Ontario. Hippeez currently makes and sells hand made fitted diapers with hook&loop closures. Heather, the creator of Hippeez makes these and can attest to their quality! Hippeez can be custom made for the customer with a variety of print choices.

Heather at Hippeez sent me an amazing fitted cloth diaper to try out and review!

Hippeez are custom made. You can choose between fleece for a stay dry feel, or super soft sherpa or flannel for the inside lining. The other layers and outer fabric are soft flannel. Hippeez cloth diapers are fitteds, so they do not have a waterproof layer and must be used with a diaper cover. A fitted diaper with a cover happens to be my favorite cloth diaper variety for the newborn stage.

This particular cloth diaper has the fleece inner lining in a soft buttery yellow. The flannel layers are inside the diaper so it is all one piece without any inserts, tongues, or soakers.

The elastic is encased in the fleece lining for super soft leg gussets. This fleece is thicker than the kind used in a standard pocket diaper and stays fluffy. Even when fixed very snugly, the fitted does not leave any red marks!

The outer fabric is soft cotton flannel, available in several adorable prints. Flannel is a good fabric for the outer layer since it is easy to feel dampness in the fibers when the diaper is wet.

Hippeez Fitted Cloth Diapers have Touch Tape hook & loop for fastening with crossover tabs for some variability in the waist sizing. Laundry tabs are located on the inner lining on each side to keep the aplix secure in the washing machine.

These fitteds are sized, which keeps them trim without the added bulk of rise snaps or folding. My daughter is just over eight pounds in these pictures and I opted for the Size One (8-14lbs) instead of the newborn size, since I have fast growing babies.

The size one fits perfectly in every way. She lost her cord stump at five days, so I didn’t have to worry about the top edge hitting right at the belly button. I would definitely recommend the size one for larger newborns. The waist and legs are nice and snug, with some room to grow as I loosen the tabs. There is no gap in the leg openings and it contained several volatile poo episodes which likely would have resulted in blowouts in some pocket diapers.

There is also elastic encased in the lining at the back of the diaper at the waist. This keeps runny messes from creeping or exploding up the back.

With the diaper being all one piece and Velco/TouchTape fasteners, it goes on just like a disposable. The Hippeezfitted is quick and easy to change. I used a Thirsties Duo Wrap to cover it, but I think it would be a great fitted to go under some fleece or wool longies. It is a surprisingly absorbent diaper for how trim it feels. I used it on my newborn for some long sleeping sessions and the Hippeez had no problem holding all the necessary liquid.

After sending it through my long wash routine of a prewash, hot long wash, and three rinses, all with heavy agitation, the laundry tabs did unfasten. However, I redid them and they stayed fastened in the dryer. The diaper washed up really nice. I also have dried it on the radiator when the dryer was out of commission and it dried relatively quickly when I laid it flannel side down against the heat.

I would really love more of these fitteds. They functioned well and the website offersplenty of adorable print options to salivate over. The customization is nice for people wanting either natural fibers or the stay dry fleece and the  turn around time is only around two weeks. I think a decent stash of size newborn, one, and two would be nice to have for an exclusively breastfed baby. (I really love FITTEDS for the exclusively breastfed stage!)

Hippeez products are affordably priced at around $15 each for fitteds.(Or less during Sales!) You can order in stock items or custom order. They come in a large number of sizes from the Preemie size starting at just three pounds to the  size six which goes to 35+ pounds!

Hippeez is planning on expanding their product line to include flats, prefolds, and contoured cloth diapers.


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  1. Thank you for doing this!! I’m glad it works for you and your very squisy little newborn! -Heather @ Hippeez

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