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Jan 242012
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The Champ is a one size cloth diaper with four rows of snaps for the rise settings. It is advertised to fit 7-40+ pounds.


It also has multi-colored waist snaps which my husband loves. The waist snaps have two rows, with hip snaps to prevent wing droop, and crossover tabs. From the four rises to the crossover tabs, this diaper snaps down really tiny. Much tinier than most of my one size diapers. It truly can fit a seven pound baby and a toddler.

The GoGreen Champ has two pocket openings. The front and back openings allow for easy stuffing and you do not need to pull the insert out! It can agitate out in the wash. The fabric overlaps on the pocket openings also help prevent leaks. This diaper was a breeze to stuff, but it is still narrow enough for a small baby. The insert is three layers of microfiber and quite absorbent. The dual pocket openings allow me to get my hands inside and adjust the insert for smaller rise settings.

The very front of the GoGreen Champ has a single snap in the center that faces inward. This snap is actually for attaching the insert inside. The insert has a single snap that attaches at the front of the diaper near the pocket opening. This allows the insert to agitate out of the diaper, while still remaining ATTACHED to the diaper. This is a really nice feature. It can cut down on the hunting and pecking time spent searching for the correct inserts when folding diaper laundry. It did not stay attached during my wash routine, but I do a heavy agitation with plenty of rinse cycles, so I would have been shocked if it had stayed attached. Other less vigorous washing routines will probably allow for it to remain snapped.

The overlapping insert stoppers are made with waterproof fabric that keeps the end of the diaper dry to the touch. This is a nice anti-leak feature to keep urine from wicking onto clothing.

One of the other more unique features on the GoGreen Champ is the dual gussets. A single leg gusset can be adequate when your baby is older and has “ploppable” poop, but with a younger baby poop tends to be runnier. Dual gussets gives the diaper the double protection similar to a fitted with a cover, but with the convenience of a pocket diaper. The trench between the gussets acts as a backup buffer zone, which really helps prevent leaks.

My newborn daughter was 8lbs exactly when I started putting her in the GoGreen Champ on the smallest settings. It fit great on all counts! The hip snaps really help. Her umbilical cord stump came off at five days old, so I didn’t have to worry about it rubbing on the diaper. Although, I find the cord rubbing on a cloth diaper to not be a big deal at all.

The GoGreen Champ actually fit her quite well in the legs despite her skinny newborn legs. I used it during her longer sleep stretches which include a couple more explosive poops and it held everything in perfectly.

The GoGreen Champ is definitely a true one size diaper. I am sure it would fit a baby several ounces smaller than mine and it definitely sizes up large. I put this diaper on my 22 month old son and he has plenty of room to grow in it despite being 25.5 pounds.

The GoGreen Champ basically has every feature one could want in a pocket diaper and amazing sizing versatility. I really cannot think of anything I would change about this diaper. It has all the bells and whistles I love, plus it fits my newborn and toddler equally well.


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  1. I love the multicolor snaps–I think that would be my husband’s favorite feature too 🙂

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