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Jan 172012
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Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is a sponsor for the Newborn Cloth Diapering Event and sent me a black one size Glow Bug cloth diaper to try out and review. Check out the Sponsor Highlights for Glow Bug Cloth Diapers to learn more about this fantastic Canadian brand!

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers are one size pocket diapers designed to fit babies approximately 7-35 pounds.


They have dual pocket openings in both the front and back for easy stuffing and adjusting the insert. Dual pocket openings allow for inserts to agitate out in the washing machine. The inside lining is not microfleece, but actually SlimDry™ fabric that is a stay-dry fabric, but much thinner than fleece. This allows the diaper to fit trimmer than traditional pocket diapers.


Glow Bug cloth diapers have four rise settings and crossover waist snaps. These cloth diapers snap down really small and really can fit a newborn. Even the leg holes can adjust to very tiny. The multi-colored snaps are fun and with so many, the sizing on this diaper is very versatile. I am certain it could likely fit a child larger than the 35 pound limit.


The SlimDry™ fabric is very soft and reminds me of a thin t-shirt material. It definitely makes this diaper trim. I would definitely be gentle with it when tugging the inserts through because I wouldn’t want to stretch it too much or weaken its structural integrity.

Each Glow Bug cloth diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. The insert can snap to the inside of the diaper, keeping it attached in the wash. The inserts do not snap to each other though. If they could, I doubt they would be able to agitate out very well.

Aside from great sizing versatility and SlimDry™ lining, one of the best features of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers is the dual leg gussets! I love double gussets. They offer similar protection to that of fitteds with gusseted covers, but with the convenience of a pocket diaper. The trench between the gussets is like a backup reservoir for that runny poop made infamous by young infants everywhere.

I have been putting the Glow Bug Cloth Diaper to the test on my newborn by using it during the night for her longer sleeping stretch. It is one of the only one size pocket diapers I have seen that sizes down so small.

As you can see, there was even more crossover capability than I needed to tighten the waist. My daughter was 7lbs 15oz in this picture.

As shown in the pic above, the leg openings were a tiny bit loose on her skinny legs and still are, but we have not experienced any leaks at all. The double gusset inside has held in the runny newborn poop quite nicely. I am pretty impressed at the lack of leaks thus far. Not to mention, these diapers are not nearly as bulky as some one size pocket diapers.

With a couple snap adjustments, the Glow Bug Cloth Diaper goes from my newborn cloth diaper stash, to my toddler cloth diaper stash! My son is 22 months old and over 24 pounds and he still has plenty of room to grow in the Glow Bug.

The insert is very absorbent and again, the double gussets hold in even the most explosive mess. The true test was using it after a junk food filled weekend at Grandma’s house!

Overall, these diapers are exemplary. They fit my newborn and my toddler with plenty of adjustability in between. The tiny snap down sizing paired with the double gussets make them a great newborn cloth diaper. Plus the SlimDry™ lining makes them trimmer, which is great with small babies since one size cloth diapers are often very bulky on newborns.

You can purchase them in boy, girl, or neutral 12 packs.  And, they come in a free wet bag! A 12 pack is only $150, so they are very reasonably priced and the prints are super cute!


*I received this diaper for reviewing purposes and was not compensated in any other way for this review.*

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