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Jan 192012
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As part of the Newborn Cloth Diaper Celebration, I decided to include Oh Katy Pocket Diapers!

Oh Katy Pocket Diapers are one size cloth diapers designed to fit 8-35 pounds. They have two settings of hip snaps preventing wing droop and making them great for adjusting down small.

Image owned by Oh Katy

One thing I noticed right away about Oh Katy cloth diapers is how tiny they size down. There is a larger gap between the top to rise rows which helps them size down to itty bitty proportions. Add that to the hip snaps and crossover tabs, and these diapers definitely hit the one size definition. The size comparison below shows the huge size difference between the small and large range. The leg holes on the smallest setting are perfect for skinny newborn legs.

The inside is soft stay-dry fleece with a patented front pocket opening. I like the front opening. I allows me to avoid sticking my fingers through a gooey mess when the poop sometimes shoots up the back.

The outside lining is waterproof eliminating the need for a cover. The leg gussets are soft, but still secure.

Each Oh Katy cloth diaper comes with a newborn insert and an adjustable snap down insert. The newborn insert made the diaper nice and trim. I began using this diaper on my daughter when she was three days old and just under eight pounds.

On the smallest rise and waist settings, it fit her quite well compared to other one size diapers. Even the leg holes fit flush against her skin despite her skinny newborn legs.

I used the Oh Katy cloth diaper on her for her longer sleeping stretch of about five hours and there were not any leaks. The insert was very saturated, but the diaper shell kept all liquids and solids in the diaper. I have washed and used this diaper every day for five days now and it has kept its end of the bargain quite nicely!

I usually have my doubts about one size diapers on any babies before 12 pounds, but the Oh Katy pocket diaper really does fit an eight pound newborn.

Oh Katy one size cloth diapers come in several bright colors and retail for $17.95 each.
No longer available.


*An Oh Katy diaper was purchased for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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