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Jan 272012
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Lotus Bumz Sent me a one size pocket diaper to review and they are giving one away here at Just Add Cloth! Read on to learn about these cute, affordable cloth diapers!

Lotus Bumz offers one size pocket diapers. Each diaper comes with an insert containing three layers of microfiber. The diapers are available in solid colors or cute prints! The solid colors and prints have slightly different features and retail for around $9.97-$11.97. This review is for a print diaper.

The print Lotus Bumz pocket diapers have three rows of rise snaps and a double row of waist snaps to prevent wing droop. They have crossover tabs for a better fit for small babies. As you can see below, they adjust quite a bit from the smallest setting to the largest.

The printed Lotus Bumz have a stay-dry microfleece lining and and extra overlap in the pocket opening which helps protect the insert.

The outside of the shell has a PUL (Polyurethane laminate) waterproof lining eliminating the need for a diaper cover..

With crossover tabs and hip snaps, these size down quite well for small babies.

My daughter was just eight pounds when I started using the Lotus Bumz diaper on her. She is now up to about 8lbs7oz and it fits about the same. The rise is a little high, so I would be tempted by another row of rise snaps, but really a lower rise would only be needed a few weeks.

Since we tried this diaper at the very bottom of its weight guidelines, it was a bit large in the leg openings. Ideally, I would only want to be able to insert one finger into the elastic opening for a snug, secure fit. However, I am able to slide about three fingers worth. Now, for a new newborn, this generally is not an issue since they release waste in small amounts and would need to be changed long before anything could truly flow out of the diaper. I have never experienced a leak when using this diaper. And I suspect it will only be another week or two before the leg gap fills in.

I would suggest this diaper for starting around nine pounds for most young infants, depending on build.

The Lotus Bumz cloth diaper washed up very well. There was no staining left behind and it looks new. The quality is very good for the price. I like the soft and shiny feeling to the outer PUL. It is smoother than some other types out there. Judging by the largest size settings and my 25 pound toddler, I am guessing this diaper can go to around 35 pounds. I wish I had known about them when my son was younger as the small waist and larger leg openings would be perfect for his build.

Overall, I am impressed with Lotus Bumz, especially for the price. They are well made and function as well as the more expensive pocket diapers out there, but cost nearly 40% less than the big brands.


*I received a Lotus Bumz cloth diaper for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated otherwise for this review.*

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  54 Responses to “Review: Lotus Bumz One Size Cloth Diaper”

  1. love the pink funky monkey

  2. I like the mellow yellow color.

  3. I love the Retro print!

  4. Love the Oliver Green and Pretty in Pink!

  5. I like Oliver Green

  6. I love the exclusive valentines day print, or the retro print

  7. I love the My Valentine print

  8. I like the Blue Funky Monkey print!

  9. I love the My Valentine Print

  10. I like the Lady Bug print ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  11. I like the ladybug print.

  12. I love the blue funky monkey!

  13. Retro is soo cute!

  14. i love the special edition my valentine

  15. Retro print

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  17. I like the nighty night black

  18. mellow yellow

  19. I love the periwinkle tinkle!

  20. I adore the neutral bundle with the twirly swirly print!

  21. retro!

  22. I like the retro print diaper

  23. I LOVE “My Valentine” print!!!!

  24. I like the black print!

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  26. I like swirly twirly and sky blue.

  27. I like Retro and Twirly Swirly!!!

  28. I like the Periwinkle Twinkle best

  29. I also love the Lady Bug and the My Valentine! Thanks so much for the chance!

  30. I like Rock Star Red

  31. I like the Pink Funky Monkey and the limited edition Valentines print! The lady bug one is neat too. I ordered three from Zulily last week and I can’t wait for them to get here!

  32. I think I would like the grassy green or the green with white stars 🙂

  33. I like My Valentine and Pink Funky Monkey.

  34. blue funky monkey!

  35. I like the Retro

  36. I like the pink funky monkey color 🙂

  37. I like Rock Star Red and Bluzy Star.

  38. Periwinkle twinkle

  39. swirly twirly and sky blue

  40. Twirly swirly!

  41. Swirly Twirly

  42. Love the print ‘retro’! so cute!

  43. Retro!

  44. i really like the pink funky monkey and Retro.

  45. I love Retro. GFC swedenesefamily

  46. I love Retro and Oliver Green

  47. My Favorite is Blue Funky Monkey

  48. Retro print

  49. These are the cutest diapers I have seen love the Valentines and the Pretty in Pink

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  51. I bought these diapers and am GREATLY disappointed. They have leaked since the beginning. I have stripped them and follow all their recommendations but still end up with leaks. Their customer service was also very poor. I do NOT recommend lotus bumz #lotusbumz #leakclothdiaper

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