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Jan 312012
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Buns Up Baby sent me a minky one size cloth diaper for reviewing.

Buns Up Babypocket diapers are one-size and will fit babies approximately 8-35 pounds. Each diaper comes with a micro-terry insert. Most Buns Up Baby pocket diapers are priced around $9.99!(CAD)

Buns Up Baby also carries its own line of wet bags , diaper pail liners, and additional inserts in both micro-terry and bamboo.

This review is for the Beefy Buns print Minky pocket diaper.

These diapers have a large sizing range and can unsnap to fit a large toddler. Their most unique feature is a set of FOUR hip snaps on each side. Most cloth diapers with hip snaps only have two on each side which allows wing droop once the child outgrows the hip snap size.

The Buns Up Baby one size has two rows of rise snaps to adjust the length of the diaper. Each diaper has crossover tabs to size the waist down to tiny proportions for newborns.

The inside lining of the diaper shell is microsuede. The pocket opening is in the back f the diaper and has elastic on both the shell and the lining. I like the extra elastic in the back, since it keeps the insert from creeping up in the back.

I started using this diaper on my newborn when she was 8lbs 3oz. I will admit the diaper was pretty billowy on her. However, it fit fantastic in the waist with the crossover tabs. Although an extra row of rise snaps might have helped the legs fit better, the smallest rise setting did hit the right area on her waist.

The leg openings are still a bit large on her skinny newborn legs, but the diaper did not leak at all through several uses. I imagine the Buns Up Baby one size would fit better around 10 pounds like many other one size cloth diapers, but the loose legs did not affect the function.

I also used the Buns Up Baby cloth diaper on my 22 month old. At 25.5 pounds, my son still had plenty of room to grow in this diaper. Plus, it is a very wide diaper with a large pocket, so it was really easy to double stuff with more inserts for nap time.

My toddler is on the thin side, so the four hip snaps are very helpful in getting a secure fit with no shifting.

Overall, the Buns Up Baby cloth diaper is a really nice, basic pocket diaper. The minky shell is super soft and the microsuede lining didn’t stain at all. The elastic is very stretchy so I could easily fasten the diaper snugly without it being too tight. The stretchier elastic paired with the extra room in the butt area made this diaper practically leak proof. It felt very gentle and plush on both babies. I imagine it is a very comfortable diaper to wear!

I don’t have much experience with minky, but this diaper felt like a much higher quality than I would expect for the price. I would definitely recommend Buns Up Baby as a resource for bulking up your cloth diaper stash.


*I received this item free for reviewing. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own.

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  73 Responses to “Buns Up Baby Cloth Diaper Review”

  1. Love the classic polka dots!

  2. I like BunsUpBaby on FB!

  3. love Bubbilicious

  4. I like the giraffe print.

  5. I like the disco days.

  6. I like the giraffe print!

  7. Love the classic polka dot!

  8. I like the giraffe print.
    GFC: arobinson45

  9. I love the Scarlet Starlet print!

  10. I like the Tiny Bubbles print! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  11. I love the Milky Way Minkee Buns!

  12. love the giraffe print

  13. I love the Disco Days print

  14. I like the Olive Oyle colour 😉

  15. I like Neon Lights!

  16. I love Bubbilicious!

  17. polka dots

  18. I like Mint Chocolate Chip 🙂

  19. I love the giraffe print.

  20. I love the Giraffe Print!!!!

  21. My favorite colour is the Little Black Dress or Princess Purple.. can’t decide

  22. I like the blue Tiny Bubbles!

  23. I really like Love Bug print

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  25. The Buns Up Baby FB link isn’t working for me on the rafflecopter form.

  26. I like the Giraffe print 🙂

  27. I love the Zainey Zebra print.

  28. I love 101 dalmations Minkee

  29. Disco Days

  30. LOVE the Mint Chocolate Chip!

  31. Love the cotton candy, candy apples

  32. I really like lil sprout!!

  33. Like 101 Dalmations!

  34. Love the punk print!

  35. Bubbilicious and Little red ridding hood

  36. I love the Giraffe print! Wish it wasn’t sold out 😛

  37. My First Camo is awesome!

  38. I like the discontinued print Tiny Bubbles!

  39. I like the Punk print

  40. I like My First Camo.

    GFC swedenesefamily

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  42. I almost 4 yrs of cloth diapering, I have never had a minkee diaper! I like the lime light minkee buns, but I know my 14 mo old son would love the silky pattern buns football fan diaper. 🙂

  43. Minke giraffe

  44. Love the gone green color and the white safari!!!!

  45. My favorite cloth diaper is the Cow Patties.

  46. Love the Rose Buns pattern

  47. i love the 101 Dalmations print!

  48. Cow Patties

  49. Little boy blue

  50. That looks fantastic! Love the shot of the fluffy bum on the tiny one. So sweet.

  51. disco days

  52. Ooh the purple flower power is so pretty!

  53. sunshine yellow is my favorite

  54. I really liked the Football Fan print… we’re a big football fan fam 🙂

  55. Safari Silky Print!

  56. my fav is “star baby”

  57. Love the Milky Way

  58. Giraffe print!

  59. I like Disco Days 🙂

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  61. I like Tiny Bubbles! Apparently so does everyone else because it’s sold out 🙁
    Today is my birthday and this would make a great birthday present 😉

  62. I like the Black Silky Bums

  63. I really like the giraffe print

  64. I like Tiny Bubbles

  65. My favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip.

  66. I love the giraffe, so cute!

  67. Loved Punk!

  68. I love bubbilicious and team player!

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