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Dec 122011
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I recently finished watching Diapering Today, a new cloth diapering DVD providing all of the information you could want to educate yourself and make the decision on whether cloth diapering is right for your family.


Diapering Today is an all-inclusive how-to video about modern cloth diapering. The video includes how to cloth diaper, along with reasons cloth is better and how to get started with cloth diapers. Diapering Today will help you choose which type of cloth diapers fit with your lifestyle and preferences, right from the comfort of your own home.

This video is divided into easy to navigate chapters.
-Why to use cloth diapers
-How to use cloth diapers
-What types of cloth diapers to use
-What you need to get started
-How to wash the diapers
-Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting
-cloth diapering accessories
-Potty training and how it is different using cloth
-The cloth community
-Cloth diapers on a budget
-Where to find more information-A History of cloth diapers
-Cloth diapering terms

Even though the two disc set is nearly two hours long, the chapters make it really easy to break the viewing into multiple segments. Each section is only about 10 or 15 minutes and the entire DVD set overall did not feel like it took very long to watch. I thought the Terms chapter was very informative since it covered fabric types and the Tips & Tricks chapter for other topics I see frequently come up in cloth diapering forums. I particularly like the Evolution Of Diapers chapter. It was fun to hear a person’s first hand experience over the decades when it comes to diapering babies.

This is a simple and relaxed how-to video with real parents, real experiences, and real products. It wasn’t preachy at all and didn’t appear biased toward any one brand or type. It used a variety of brands in the demonstrations and showed many different styles available on the market today. I have not used any two-in-one hybrids or anything with disposable inserts, so I was particularly interested in the visual demonstrations showcasing those diapers.

The Diapering Today DVD set would be ideal for cloth diapering classes and I would love to see it available in all libraries. I can see watching this video and handing out examples of each diaper type to be a very persuasive technique for cloth diaper advocacy.

I was able to follow along just fine, but I am also was familiar with all the terms and products. I think if you are using this video for advocacy, a short gloss-over of terms and types beforehand might be helpful because it is a lot of information. This video set is fairly comprehensive. It contains a significant amount of information, but stops short of being overwhelming.

Now, I just need an instructional DVD on folding techniques for flats and prefolds so I am not stuck on YouTube for the day!

The Diapering Today DVD comes in a 2-Disc Set and retails for $17.95.
Diapering Today was created by Catherine Bolden, a cloth diapering mother of four, and the manufacturer of the Sprout Change Cloth Diapers brand featured at The Willow Store. The Willow Store also carries several reusable products in their Willow Pads, Sprout Change diapers, and their Everyday Willow lines. One percent of the profits of this film will be donated to providing cloth and education to low-income families.

**I received this product for reviewing purposes. I was not compensated in any other form and the opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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