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Aug 252011
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In my early days of cloth diapering, I pretty much purchased one of everything that was either super cute or trendy. This resulted in a hodgepodge diaper stash I still haven’t fixed. I bought several brands of fitteds. Fitteds are the cool cloth diapers. There are so many WAHM made fitteds and even adorable big brands. The prints, the fabrics, the hype. You know what I mean. After many dollars spent and a few destashing Craigslist ads, I still keep two favorite fitteds brands in constant circulation. One of those is the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted .
Thirsties duo fitteds come in two adjustable sizes. Size one covers 6-18 pounds. Size two covers 18-40 pounds. I know with my duo wraps I had to switch over to size two closer to 15 pounds. They come in both snap closures or hook&loop closures. I am a snap lover myself.
I wish I had tried the size one, but my son was already beyond the weight limit by the time they came out. He still wears the size two snapped on the smallest settings at 17 months and 23 pounds.
I love these diapers. The inside has a stay dry lining that keeps skin fairly dry. The outer is soft and squishy. There is a microfiber layer sewn into the diaper and a stuff-able pocket behind the microfiber for adjustable absorbency.

(Please forgive the stain.)

A Thirsties duo fitted paired with a Thirsties Duo Wrap is an invincible combination. There is no explosive diaper episode this combo couldn’t hold. It is my go to for long stroller outings. Having the leg casings of the fitted with the leg gussets of the duo wrap is the ultimate containment system for babies with less than solid poo.
Last weekend, my husband and I were packing to walk to another neighborhood. The round trip is an eight mile walk so I like to be prepared. As I packed a couple duo fitteds into a bag, my husband suggested we just do disposables since we didn’t know how the day would go. Let’s just say a disaster happened that never would have happened in my cloth diapers, let alone in a duo fitted. It was epic and resulted in a tossed pair of shorts since I didn’t have a wet bag with me. Never again will I go against my instincts when it comes to diapers!
(Also, I’m surprised by how many restaurants have highchairs, but no changing table in the ladies room. luckily, a nice woman held my son while I threw away his destroyed shorts and washed my hands. Thank you benevolent mystery woman. I’m still mad I didn’t have a bag to salvage his shorts.)

This is my 17 month old, 23 pound son in a size two duo fitted. I keep it snapped on the lowest rise since I prefer a low-rise fit. These stretch quite a ways and the leg casings are flexible and comfortable.

As you can see, I have still have it on the smaller waist settings as well. He has a ton of room to grow. I have no doubts that this diaper can fit up to the designated 40 pound weight limit.I will point out that my son is short legged and long waisted, so obviously the fit may be quite different on a taller or chunkier kid. My boy is rather petite.

No gapping!

My duo fitteds and duo wraps never fail. They are Foolproof!
I’ve also been able to use these overnight very successfully. I actually trifold a cotton prefold and stuff it in the duo fitted’s pocket. Cover with a duo wrap. This suffices for my son’s normal 12-13 hours overnight. Yeah, he’s a sleeper. Granted, I didn’t have a chance to try these many months ago when he was still in his super peeing phase, but they certainly work well for our needs at this point in time.
I am usually greeted with a runny mess and very full diaper first thing in the morning. But with a duo fitted, the runny mess remains in the diaper, which is not always the case with my pocket diapers.
I love these diapers! I hope to find a good deal on some size ones soon so I can build out a newborn cloth diaper stash for this next baby. I had a heck of a time with explosive breastfed newborn diapers last time. I’m optimistic this time around.

Thirsties Duo Fitteds are available from most Thirsties Retailers and sell for about $17.00 each.


(I was not prompted or compensated by Thirsties for this review. I already owned these products and decided to write up my opinion of my accord.)

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