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Aug 042011
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What are your thoughts?
There has been some talk in the cloth diapering community about the new made in Turkey FuzziBunz. Not all of it bad, but not great either. The important thing is people ARE giving feedback. Companies need positive and negative feedback in order to continually alter their manufacturing to produce products people enjoy. Unfortunately, most companies will not truly know a product outcome until it is already on the market and in a customer’s hands. This is where you, the consumer, need to step in and voice your thoughts.

I do not have any of the made in Turkey FuzziBunz currently in my cloth diaper stash. My current FuzziBunz diapers are the made in China diapers and have been in constant rotation for at least 15 months at this point, so it would be unfair to include them in a comparison.
Below, I have a first glance comparison of two FuzziBunz cloth diapers. Both are brand new and not yet prepped or used. I simply removed the paper packaging bands for the comparison photos. As noted, this is just a glance at the appearance and feel of the two diapers. This is not a formal or adequate review.

FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium made in China is on the left.
FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium made in Turkey is on the right

Fresh from the packaging, the made in China has thicker PUL. The laminate side is smooth. Both sides of the microfleece are fuzzy and fleeced.
The made in Turkey has thinner PUL. The laminate side is rough and lumpy. The fleece feels the same thickness as the made in China, but only the exposed side is typical fuzzy fleece. The other side is a pill-y weave, like the outside of an old sweatshirt.

As you can see, the Made in Turkey diaper is about 3/4 of an inch longer than the Made In China diaper. They appear to be the same width.

The made in Turkey has pointier corners on the wings, but that really wouldn’t affect the form or function of the diaper.

Overall, I would agree with the consumer majority that the made in China diapers appear to be a slightly better quality than the made in Turkey cloth diapers. However, to give a true evaluation, I would need to prep one made in China diaper, and one made in turkey diaper. Then, add them to my diaper rotation, while always using the two cloth diapers on the same day and always wash them in the same laundry load. Then evaluate their condition and performance at three months, six months, 12 months, etc. I am tempted to do this. (For the sake of science, I swear!)

Do any of you have both the made in China FuzziBunz and the made in Turkey FuzziBunz in your diaper rotation? Have you noticed a significant difference in their feel and performance? Do you prefer one over the other? How does the elastic compare?

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  8 Responses to “At A Glance: FuzziBunz- China Versus Turkey Comparison”

  1. I have both, but have been using the Made in China ones for a little bit longer. My little guy is nearly 5 months old, so probably for the past 4 months or so. I have 2 of the Made in Turkey ones and I actually like them better. The materials feel like a higher quality to me. The PUL feels thicker, the fleece feels softer. The only thing I don’t like about the Turkey ones is that the insert seems to be wider than diaper is, so it’s hard (for me at least) to get it to lay flat in the diaper.

    I’ve heard it mentioned before that many people think the China ones are better quality. I would have to disagree. That being said, they both perform the same and I like them and use them both!

    • Great to know!
      Perhaps the texture feels different after washing/prepping. The fabric used for the pul seems the same. Since pul can be so different from batch to batch, I don’t think it will matter between the China and Turkey.
      Glad to see there is a positive review. I don’t think there is enough of a difference for major complaints so far.

  2. I recently purchased 2 FB from a different retaler (not Greeny Beany Bottoms) and I just noticed they say made in Turkey. I never looked until I read this article. The reason I looked is because I am unhappy with the quality. It looks like stickers had been on the inside lining of the pul material and removed before I got them and washed them. The width between the legs is different, and it’s very difficult to put the inserts in because of that. I’m not as happy with the quality.

    • Interesting.
      The first comment also mentioned a width difference. I went and double checked, and the inserts are the same width and length. The only difference was the quality of the serging. Between the ever so slightly narrower width of the Turkey diapers and the stickier PUL, it does seem they would be harder to stuff. That could definitely be a concern if you are using a lot of pocket diapers.

  3. Thanks for the comparison. Like everything else you have to use both the Fuzzi Bunz to figure out which best suits your child.

  4. i was recently given a ‘made in Turkey’ Fuzzibunz to replace my delaminating ‘made in China’ diaper. Customer service was fantastic by the way, they replaced my diaper pretty quickly (it was still under 1yr warranty.) I had only used the ‘china’ version and i absolutely LOVE it, so when i received the replacement something seemed odd. i noticed it was different. Once I washed it and used it a few times it kept bothering me. The outer fabric feels rougher, the fleece is really puffy, and it just look bigger to me. That’s what it was!! I have a pretty tiny kiddo and I like the trimmer looking diapers and this new one just looks fluffier. So aesthetically it isn’t my favorite but it seems to work fine. The only thing I’ve noticed that it holds stink more than the older ones and we wash them just the same. Well, that’s my two cents, in case you were wondering. (i’ve been using the ‘Turkey’ diaper since April of this year)

  5. I recently bought six FB’s, three white and three mint. The white ones were made in China and the mint ones were made in Turkey. I have not noticed a difference in quality yet, but the size difference is about two inches in the length. The ones made in Turkey are the large ones and are very baggy in the tush area. I actually measured them to be sure. I am not sure which manufacturer produced the correct size FB, as I am new to cloth diapering. I almost feel like they are two different sizes, but marked the same. ?????

  6. I can’t say I’m happy with the new made in Turkey diapers. As you described, the fleece feels different, but the sizing is impossibly different. My “made in China” size large diapers were a trim fit with room to grow on my 30 pound, 35 inch 24 month old. The “made in Turkey” diapers are like clown pants. I have to set them on the tightest setting (but they would supposedly work for a 25 pound baby????) in the waist and legs, and the diaper is bunchy between her legs and sticks out in the back. The rise is *at least* two inches higher than the old diapers, and the rise was never an issue before. These diapers do not fit under clothes and can only be used for nighttime or naps. I really feel they should be selling these as “extra large” diapers. Maybe if you’re cloth diapering a 3 or 4 year old, these would work for you. I’m very disappointed! I’m expecting #2 and need to figure out a different brand to go with. FuzziBunz were my go-to diapers. 🙁

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