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Jun 092011
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The makers of  Wahmies Wet Bags and Wahmies One Size cloth diapers, recently revamped their One Size cloth diapers. The new and improved version is the Wahmies Deluxe One Size with Hydro-Assure!

The Wahmies Deluxe One Size with Hydro-Assure is a one size pocket diaper with a snap down rise, elastic leg casings, a water proof outer layer, and cotton and bamboo inner. The outside view looks like most standard pocket diapers.

The inside is a soft mix of bamboo viscose and cotton. This fabric is stretchier than the standard micro-fleece used in most pockets. Since it is also a more natural fiber, it may be a good choice for babies who are sensitive to synthetic fibers.

This diaper is pretty impressive. The waterproof laminate folds in a little over an inch on each side, preventing leaking out the legs. This keeps the edges dry to the touch,which is nice for the caregiver when removing a wet diaper, not to mention helps keep thighs dry. The cotton and bamboo velour blend inner is very soft and didn’t stain at all after being soiled several times.

The smallest setting snapped down came out to six inches in height for a point of reference.

And about nine inches at the largest setting.

I used the diaper on a 15 month old boy weighing approximately 22 pounds and 31 inches tall. He has a long torso, so I put the snap rise on the third setting.

To give this diaper a fair review, I made notes until we managed to use it through at least two long naps, two messy poops, and two days of active crawling.

These diapers come with oneBamboo viscose fold to fit insert. The insert is 15 x 15 inches and resembles a small terry cloth towel. I have another one of these inserts I have been using for several months, and they have surpassed my expectations. They do not look like they will hold much liquid at first glance, but they are surprisingly effective. I also like fold to fit towel like inserts because they can serve other purposes after their use as an insert. These inserts absorb quickly and do not seem to hold on to stains. They are very trim and work best with low to moderate volume wetters. These particular inserts will not be enough for a young baby still on a completely liquid diet and will need to be doubled up. They work great for around 10 months and older.

The leg elastic is really stretchy. Really stretchy. This works great on my son who has thin legs. I imagine this diaper might actually fit a very young baby, which not a lot of one size diapers can do. Since there is so much stretch, the leg casings remain very snug and do an excellent job holding in explosive poop. Added to the inch of inner waterproof fabric on the sides, these were completely leak free. Even during a three hour nap and a very messy change that resulted from me letting him eat too many tomatoes. (Oops.) This is a great diaper for under pants, although then you would have to cover up the cute print!

The one down side I can see to the leg casings, is the snugness and laminate fabric on the sides might leave marks on babies with chubby thighs, which is a turn off for some parents.

I also loved how narrow this diaper is, since it is easy to fit under clothing. Because of how narrow it is, I don’t think it would make a good overnight diaper, since it would be very difficult to  fit very many layers of absorbancy in the pocket. Also, the pocket opening in back is very small. I have long, thin hands and didn’t find the opening very easy to maneuver through so anyone with large hands may struggle to place the inserts in the diaper. It is a fabulous day time diaper.

Overall, it is on the smaller side for a one size pocket diaper, so while it works well for more petite babies, I’m not sure it would be a great fit for a large toddler. It should fit through potty training on a child in the 50th percentile, but any larger could be hit or miss. For us, this diaper performed wonderfully and is definitely at the top of the stash rotation. The snaps are really sturdy, and would be difficult for the child to undo, and the prints are absolutely adorable. The viscose inner lining definitely makes this pocket diaper seem more luxurious than the standard pocket diaper. I found the Wahmies Deluxe One Size with Hydro-Assure to be very high functioning and would certainly recommend it, especially for very active babies as it really stays in place and doesn’t shift.

This pocket diaper retails for $19.95 and includes one insert.


**I purchased this diaper and reviewed it without compensation or motivation from the manufacturer. I use products for a minimum of two weeks before writing a review so as to give each item a fair  chance to perform. Any products provided free for review from manufacturers will be identified as such.**


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  1. That’s such a cute print!

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