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Nov 022010
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Six months later, I am here to reevaluate my original feelings on each diaper in my original cloth diapering review. Some of them have continued to work out well for us, and others have gone the way of Craigslist or washed and put away for a possible second child should that time come. None of the cloth diapers I tried were bad or dysfunctional. The ones I have retired, I only did so because Lucky’s shape changed significantly and I could no longer get a great leak proof fit. He is tall, with a long torso. His weight started out in the 90th+ percentile and now he is below the 50th. This has made it difficult to find a great fit. Most of the one-size options don’t keep the legs snug once you increase the rise. The fit is funnier still, when you need to keep it on the tightest waist setting. So, if any of you have long skinny babies, I would love to know what you found to work.

I copied and pasted part of the original post with my new thoughts and experiences. The italicized words are from the post six months ago.

Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit: These are sized pocket dipes. They run a little large, so many babies never need to go beyond a size medium. They are a bit wide in between the legs, which can be bulky at times, but it also means it is very absorbent where it counts. I particularly like Fuzzibunz inserts. They are soft, thick, and hold a LOT of moisture. The lower snaps on the Perfect Fit shell can be snapped very far forward, making the leg openings a little more adjustable than some diapers.

I Still like these. They are my go-to night time diaper. Lucky sleeps 12-13 hours through the night and three microfiber inserts stuffed into a perfect fit usually lasts. It is heavy and reeks of ammonia by morning, but it works. It is also incredibly bulky, but so is every other night time solution. Sometimes I put a prefold in the pocket along with the inserts.

One complaint: according to their website, you can use oxiclean on occasion with these. I tried it and it completely delaminated the PUL. One of my diapers is completely destroyed, and three more have delaminated around the edges a bit. Otherwise, I have followed their washing instructions to a T. I am past the warranty, so I didn’t bother to contact Fuzzibunz.

Fuzzibunz One-size: These are of course similar to the perfect Fit, but are one-size fits most. They snap wider and narrower to grow with baby, and also have adjustable elastic in the leg openings, and across the back. The elastic is also really easy to replace in case it wears out. The one-size Fuzzibunz is trimmer than the sized and has a great fit. If I want a non-bulky diaper to fit under tiny pants, I reach for these. I find these to also be a bit more adjustable so they can be used sooner than many one-sized diapers, which generally don’t fit well until baby is at least 10-12 pounds.

These are my favorite one-size diaper still. I like that they have adjustable elastic because I find the one-size with so many rows of snaps unattractive. I also like the elastic since it is so easy to replace. Not only did they send me replacement elastic with my diapers, but the same elastic with button holes is available at my favorite fabric store. This feature alone means Fuzzibunz one size will likely be the longest lasting diaper in my stash.

Unfortunately, while I have dealt with blow outs in all of the one-size diapers due to Lucky’s skinny thighs, these have been by far the most blow out prone. I think this is mostly due to Lucky’s body shape. He needs a higher rise, but the only way to get that with the FB OS is to loosen the legs. He has thin thighs, so the poo comes right out the side. Mr.JustAddCloth and I have had plenty of lovely nights when we discover that the poop has not only exploded out the side of the diaper, but Lucky has managed to smear it all over his head, toys, and perhaps has enjoyed the taste as well. They are still my favorite one size and the new colors are super cute.

Mommy’s Touch One-size: These diapers are huge. If you have a large baby, then these would work great. In general, I would not try these until your baby is a few months old. They are very adjustable, and would be great for toddler, since they can be sized so large. They are fairly wide, so they can be easily stuffed with multiple inserts, which I have found to be handy for an overnight diaper.

These were just too large and awkward to work for us. I sold them on Craigslist. The leg holes were too big when Lucky had chunky thighs, and now that he is mobile, they are just getting thinner. Also, the PUL always felt cheap to me. Sort of like tent fabric.

Tweedlebugs one-size: This pocket diaper works great for a shorter baby. The rise snaps really low and the one-size insert also snaps down. The shell and PUL are very thick, so it might be a little hot to wear in summer. Overall, it works well, and the low price($12.95) cannot be beat.

This diaper has surprised me. It is one of the first I reach for when my whole stash is clean and ready. Tweedlebugs are the only one size I have used that still fit right when the rise is on the highest setting, while having the waist on the tightest setting. I think the elastic might have stretched out some, but it has still held up fine. These have impressed me considering their price. If they came in cuter colors, I might add more to my stash.

Smartipants one-size: Smartipants are one of my favorite pocket dipes. It took a while for LB to fit into them, since the leg openings are a bit large, so I might not recommend them for a skinny legged baby. The inner lining on these is thinner and the pocket is actually a sleeve. This design allows the insert to come out on its own in the wash. I like the sleeve design because it makes stuffing the insert easier. Smartipants are also pretty economical at $14.95 per diaper, or $39.95 for a three pack.

My love for Smartipants quickly faded when LB started thinning out. The large leg openings were not the problem actually. We needed to increase the rise, and ever since doing so, the insert does not stay put. It just slides toward the back and then Lucky pees over the top. Also, having the sleeve more prominently located on top, makes it difficult to have more than one insert, so it only has maybe 30 minutes of staying power now. I sold a few on CL and kept a couple for down the road. They still look like knew, and the micro-suede lining looks nicer than the fleece lining other pockets have. (11/17/2011: These are back to being one of my favorite! I love stuffing them with flats!)

Knickernappis one-size: Knickernappis are a larger one-sized and side-snapping. I like the wide design since I can add the extra insert for extra absorbency. Also, the side snapping allows for a little more adjustability for thighs and tummies. This diaper is a little bulky though, so it does not work well under pants.

These still work great. They are wide and bulky, so not great for under clothes, but a great night time diaper. I sold mine though, because I just prefer front snapping diapers for this age.

Tiny Tush sized: I have only used the size small in the Tiny Tush Elite side-snap pocket, and front snap pocket. They were excellent for those first couple weeks. The fit was great for the skinny legs on newborns. The size small was supposed to work up to 14 pounds, but LB outgrew the absorbency long before he outgrew the size. In the larger sizes, an extra insert could be added, but I couldn’t get an extra one to fit well in the smalls. If you have a super peeing baby, perhaps a hemp insert would be better.

These have been discontinued I think, but a few are still available on clearance on Tiny Tush’s site.

Happy Heiny one-size: HH one-size has the overlapping snaps in front for major adjustability. Also, the elastic on these is really stretchy, so they have a pretty good fit. Some people don’t like how the inner lining does not attach on the back, but I have not had any issues with it. If you like bright colors, HH has more variety to choose from than many of the other brands.

HH are giving me the funny fit issues I mentioned before. It’s mostly just a high rise, plus small waist awkwardness. Instead of staying put, the waist slides down and the front crotch billows out, making huge gaps around the legs. I am keeping them around in case they fit better in a few months. I wish they did fit now because they are wide through the crotch and would probably be a good night time diaper. I really liked them when we were on the smallest settings.

Kissaluvs Contour Hybrid: This is basically a fitted diaper without any snap or Velcro aplix so a fastener like a snappi or pins must be used. They have a sewn-in insert and very strong leg gussets. I have never had a leak with these and when paired with a Thirsties cover, they contain even the biggest poop explosions. They take quite a while to dry, but are very absorbent.

These were supposed to be one size, but they are not even close. LB had plumber crack in them at 14 pounds. The rise is really short, and even the side panels were not very wide. I liked them while they lasted. I sold them for only a few dollars less than I payed.

Mother-ease one-size: These are not very pretty, but they work well enough to make up for it. They are very basic, but hold a lot of liquid and always wash clean and stain free. They look like they will be bulky when on, but they adjust down well.

I retired these in favor of other fitteds. They didn’t hold in runny breast milk poop as well as other fitteds. These particular fitteds don’t have much in the way of elastic around the legs. Plus, we out grew the absorbency, and I didn’t feel like purchasing the extra soaker available. I am currently trying to sell them. (11/2011: these work great again in the toddler phase!)

Goodmama: GMs are at the top pf the price range for fitted diapers, or any diapers really. However, they are a good example of how “you get what you pay for”. The velour is soft and silky feeling. The snap in soaker holds a lot of moisture. They are one-sized and the snaps and elastic are really good quality. I would love to have several of these, but I cannot justify buying them when I already have all the diapers I need.

I am tempted to buy more of these. The organic bamboo velour is lovely and highly absorbent. I have never experienced a blow out with these. The snap in soaker comes up super high in front, which is great for a boy. If I could afford it right now, I would replace much of my diaper stash with these or similar fitteds and Thirsties covers.

Kissaluvs Marvel one-size: These fitteds are a bit spendy as well at $25 each. They are very plush and have pretty patterns. They hold a lot of liquid, which also means they take a long time to dry. They are one-size, but I think they would be too big and bulky on a newborn. I wish they had a snap-in layer and a little less bulk between the legs, but overall they are a good diaper.

I am still using this one, but it is not my favorite. The outer printed fabric is scratchy, and of much lower quality than I would like considering the price. It also has no additional piece to snap or lay in, so it is not as absorbent as many other fitteds out there.

Thirsties AIO V2: Thirsties is the only AIO I have tried so I do not have a lot of experience with this style. The Thirsties have a stuff-able pocket along with the sewn in insert. This AIO has Velcro aplix and the famous Thirsties leg gussets. These hold in blow-out type poops very well. They have a really low rise, so I would not recommend them for long-waisted babies. I wish they came in snap aplix because the laundry tabs always come undone and the Velcro then sticks to my other diapers in the wash. I have used these successfully as an overnight diaper by stuffing the pocket with an extra microfiber insert.

Thirsties has since come out with the Duo Snap Diaper which I think I would have preferred over these. I ended up selling these AIOs. They were too awkward when stuffed with an insert, but didn’t absorb enough as an AIO. I think Lucky is just too long waisted for the rise.

Thirsties Duo snap covers: Thirsties covers are one of the most popular diaper covers used. They are PUL with the famous leg gussets. The duo snap covers are highly adjustable and therefore only need two sizes. They are also available in velcro aplix. I love the bright colors. I used these in the early days with pre-folds, and now with my fitteds.

I still love these. They are my absolute favorite cover. Lucky out grew the rise on size one before reaching the weight limit, but the size two fit fine and he is still on the smallest settings.


My only trouble with cloth diapering so far has been finding the perfect night time solution. Three microfiber inserts in a Medium FB perfect fit works, but doesn’t always if he sleeps in.

I’ve put a prefold in a fitted, a fitted in a pocket diaper, inserts and prefolds in the pocket, but nothing has proven foolproof. Including any brand of disposable I tried.

I would like more fitteds and to try wool covers. Apparently the wool is antibacterial and can absorb 30 percent of it’s weight. You just let it air out and only need to wash every few weeks. Wool is expensive though and I don’t knit.

I also bought some microfleece to make fleece longies. I figure even if my pocket diapers cannot contain all the liquid, some longies over the top should keep his sheets dry.


I have only tried three different detergents so far. I began with Tiny Bubbles by the Natural Baby Company. TB got everything very clean, but my diapers always had a musty, funky smell coming out of the washer. When I ran out, I tried Rockin’ Green with the cherry almond scent. I ended up with a horrid ammonia small, which is usually a sign of detergent build up. According to Rockin’ Green, this may happen initially because RG is pushing out all the residues from your previous detergents. I kept using it for several months and the problem continued. I may not have been using the best version for our water. We have city water, so it should be fairly soft, but detergent and diaper washing is different for everyone depending on their machine, water, minerals, and washing routine. I must note that I am currently washing in a coin-op machine, so it is likely my machine that is the problem.

Currently I am using Biokleen. I always use the same detergent on all of our laundry as I do on diapers, and Biokleen is the cheapest option on Amazon. Some people have reported repelling issues with Biokleen, but it is too soon to tell for me. I have only washed his diapers a few times in it. One thing I noticed, is the musty, funky smell on the diapers when using Tiny Bubbles and Rockin’ Green is not there. Biokleen has some orange peel and grapefruit peel extract that makes it smell nice going into the washing machine, but leaves no scent on the laundry. Everything just smells like….nothing. It rinses very clean. I only use about half of the little scoop included.


Now if only Lucky would stop growing so I wouldn’t have to keep trying new ways to make his diapers fit.

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