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In our neck of the woods, the temps are still single digits, but for most of you, spring is here. Can you hear my jealousy?  Some people use this time of year for “spring cleaning”. I’m fairly certain what they really mean is the reorganization that comes with seasonal turnover. (I.e. exchanging winter clothes and gear for warmer weather items and putting away shovels in favor of rakes.) But hey, maybe it also includes a deep house cleaning.

When we (and by that I mean me, myself, and I) decide on a giant seasonal house cleaning, I tend to divide and conquer.

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Keep It Clean

Define Your Problem Areas  *  Define Your strategy  *  Delegate


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Define your problem areas.

Problem areas can mean areas you hate cleaning or areas you have a hard time cleaning.
Ours is our entry way. Not only is it where the boots, shoes, and mail get tossed around, it is the muddy high traffic area. This beast has only become more difficult as we added kids and animals to our family. Some other challenges include our oak staircase and wood blinds. For our entry way, I try to utilize boot trays and baskets to tame the clutter.

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Define the best ways to clean with the least hassle, so you are likely to actually do it.

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Before and after: Our entry way floor is a constant sheet of mud! It requires frequent mopping to keep us from tracking more dirt into the house.

Figure out which cleaning tools work best for you and your tasks. We tend to gravitate toward reusable items at our house.  I like microfiber cloths or dusters for cleaning window blinds and lamp shades. I have found a fresh microfiber insert from a cloth diaper works great between the slats of the blinds!
I use three different floor cleaning approaches depending on how much dirt is there and what kind of mess. I only bust out the sanitizing steamer once in a great while. Most daily and weekly messes can be cleaned up with my Bona floor mop.

I like the Bona for a quick mop since the cleanser sprays right from the mop, and I can just wash the mop cloth in with a load of towels. (Bona Hardwood Floor cleaners are non-toxic and GREENGUARD certified, which is important when we have babies and pets crawling on the floors.)

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Delegate! Get the family involved.
Even very young kids can get involved with cleaning. My four year old loves dusting and mopping.  Admittedly,  he doesn’t do the most thorough job, but it is still something we can do together and he has fun. My three year old can move small objects out of the way as we clean.


According to the Bona Keep It Clean quiz, my cleaning personality is……


You take great pride in your home, that’s why it always looks immaculate. You’re the queen of clean and the host with the most; your friends love coming over for a fabulous dinner, delicious drinks and engaging conversation. Cleaning is more than a chore, it’s a big part of your routine and you need products that deliver every time.

Haha, I could of told you that. Feel free to eat off of my floors!

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