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ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 1
With October being Baby Wearing month, it is a great time to showcase the fun places to wear baby and make life easier!

*This article was created by Just Add cloth and sponsored by ErgoBaby.

I wore each of our kids in many kinds of carriers over the years. Wraps, structured carriers, slings, I have even worn my toddler on my back with the baby on my front! I love all carriers depending on which stage baby is in. I love wraps in the early months, and then a structured carrier like an ErgoBaby carrier once they hit over 15 pounds. When pregnant with my third child, I would wear my two year old on my back while walking to restaurants in the cold of winter. It was a win-win because she kept warmer being on me, and I found carrying a toddler on my back to help balance out the big belly on my front. As I have more children, I have embraced baby wearing more. It simply becomes an easier solution when you don’t have enough hands available.

We have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm Autumn up here with an ErgoBaby Original Organic Carrier. The straps and clips fit a huge range of sizes and it adjusts quickly to switch back and forth between my husband and I.

Where Do We Wear Baby?

Aside from the usual errands to school and the store, baby wearing comes in handy wherever the stroller doesn’t quite cut it. Like……….


ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 6

Playing with my other kids while in the yard or out in the neighborhood.

Dragging a play pen outside every time the kids want to play is a pain. Mory is not quite walking yet and sometimes I am not in the mood to have her crawling through the mud. Especially since we have so many vegetables planted around. Being hands free with her let’s me be more hands-on with my other kids.

ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 3


ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 2

Going to the farmers market!

The farmers market is difficult to maneuver with a double wide jogging stroller. It is way easier to go with a single for the toddler and just wear the baby. Half of the time. I leave the youngest two kids in their pajamas when we go. Then we stack the produce on top of Wyn in the stroller. Sometimes, she isn’t amused.

ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 5

Poor girl being swallowed by vegetables!

ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 4

During decorating and yard work.

Whether it is fixing up our deck for an evening gathering and drinks, or trimming the Christmas tree, baby wearing during a very active chore or activity is super fun for the baby! The constant movement and visual stimuli keeps her happy and entertained for a long while. She let’s me hang lights, sweep, water plants, and even hang pictures without a fuss. Although, I must admit my second baby would have whined this whole time. Your mileage may vary!
ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 7

Out on the farm/country/park

We’ve been embracing some rural leisure time lately. As in, we have been indulging Wyn in her horse obsession. Many days, she wakes up a pony and spends her time neighing and trotting around the house. Then, we let her ride a mini pony where our friend keeps her horse, and that was the end of it. Well, the beginning really. When your three year old hops up on an English saddle and is obviously a natural, you have a decision to make. I tend to be more strict, but I have a feeling my husband is going to indulge her on this horse love quite a bit. Heck, he already has.

With multiple kids, we have to keep them corralled somewhat, so Mory has to go in a stroller or carrier. Wearing her is definitely easier when you are stomping around a pasture. Especially when leading a very stubborn mini donkey who insists on coming along wherever you go.

ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 8

^^^  These fellas wanted in on the fun.

I am sure we will also be taking our ErgoBaby carrier out to pick apples, explore a pumpkin patch, and of course trick or treating soon!

Where do you wear Baby?

ergobaby  Baby Wearing All Around 9

This post is sponsored by Ergobaby. During the month of October, share a selfie of you and your baby on your babywearing adventures and be entered for a chance to win a $200 Ergobaby Gift Card! You can enter the #WhereIBabywear contest HERE. Snap a selfie of you and your baby on your babywearing adventure and tag it with #WhereIBabywear on Twitter or Instagram or upload a photo here to enter for a chance to win!

Photo submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59 PM ET on October 22, 2015. Ergo will open up a public voting period from October 23, 2015 – 11:59 PM ET on October 30, 2015. The photo with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win a $200 Ergobaby Gift Card!




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