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* diaper c/o Buttons Diapers.

Well, we just had the one month pediatrician appointment for baby E, and all is well. He has gained back the weight he lost as well as an additional pound. Which means he is still a full pound lighter than Mory was AT BIRTH!! He is long and skinny, whereas she is short and chubby so they are growing into polar opposites just like the first two kids. So much for reusing all of the baby clothes. However, we can still reuse much of our cloth diaper stash!

Some of our one size cloth diapers really work better on one body type over another, but our Buttons Diapers have done pretty well on all of the kids so far.

buttons cloth diapers newborn 2

Buttons Diapers are an all-in-two diapering system with snap-in inserts.

Buttons All-In-Two diapers features:

  • One size fits most
  • Two row snap down rise
  • Strong snap closures
  • Dual Leg gussets
  • Dual front and back snaps for secure inserts
  • Soft and comfortable fleece topped insert
  • Optional night time insert that snaps under day insert

buttons cloth diapers newborn 4
Buttons Diapers offer two different sizes of insert, making them a little more ‘one size’ than some other diaper options. The small size generally fits babies 9-20 pounds and the large is designed for 20-35 pounds. There are also night time inserts and doublers available for long naps, older babies and over night.

Despite his skinny legs and being slightly under the recommended weight, Ethan fits into the buttons diapers pretty well on the smallest setting. The gussets work fairly well even with some loose fabric at the thighs. We have not dealt with any blowouts with this little guy.

buttons cloth diapers newborn 3Doing his lip snarl Elvis impression.

All-in-twos like Buttons Diapers are convenient and trim enough to be a great travel cloth diaper. They fit well under clothing and don’t take up too much space in your diaper bag.  They are also an economical alternative to disposables. Buttons diapers covers are $11.00 for solid colors and $12.50 for prints. the microfiber inserts are $10.50 for a three pack and the hemp/cotton inserts are $23.25 per three pack. All in all, Buttons All-in-twos are one of the more economical all-in-two cloth diapers available.

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We still have our four year old, Wyn, wearing these diapers as an overnight trainer. I kind of want to sell off a large part of our diaper stash and get more all-in-twos. I’m really over stuffing and folding these days. I think that might just be normal once you have what is officially a large family. The laundry situation has gotten complicated folks! And goodness knows that by the time I have enough money saved to fix the laundry room, all kids will be out of diapers. So, I am really fantasizing about streamlining the stash.


*review diaper c/o Buttons Diapers.

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